In 2012 Ediclick establishes a solid partnership with a well-known coating industry, a company that has been operating in the sector of paint products for industrial use for more than 50 years.
Thanks to the this association, the tinting system has been completely rewritten and developed with the most modern technologies present on the market. The combination of know-how on tinting systems and Ediclick IT knowledge has led to the creation of a new tinting system, redesigned in the functioning logics to make it more powerful and versatile but at the same time easier to use.
With the experience gained in the field, Ediclick has then collaborated with other brands, each with its own specificities.

The tintometric system consists in 3 different projects:

  1. Master Software
  2. Client Software
  3. Web Application

Note: The definition of the technical/procedural aspects of these software is subject to confidential negotiation.


The laboratory software, also called for convenience MASTER, realized with the supervision of the customer and the Ediclick skills, is the professional software for the management of the tinting system.
This powerful software is dedicated to color-producing companies that want a tool to manage and store all the information related to the colors created and tested in their laboratories.
Cut to size for the individual needs of each client, the software manages all the information related to formulas and possible accessory procedures: control reports, accessory documentation and any other need. This software manage all the data that will then be exported to the CLIENT and/or WEB application.
It also allows the management of multiple brands or lines, even different from each other, associated with the same manufacturer.

Note: The MASTER software is always multi-user and requires a Microsoft SQLServer® installation.


The CLIENT is a lightweight but powerful software suitable for distributors of the manufacturer: easy to install, in a few steps leads to the recipe of the color to be made; print the labels and provide the data sheets of the technical and safety data sheets of the products.
It is an indispensable tool that can connect directly with the main dispensers on the market.
Other characteristics:

Useful, practical and intuitive
It is the software aimed at creating colors with the tinting system. Learning times are extremely short and use is immediate.
Synchronized with the laboratory software (MASTER)
Through updates, the client contains all the data required in a single software without the need for additional installations.
The software is already translated in the major languages to internationalize its products.
Custom Graphics
The client is always created keeping in mind the belonging brand.


Note: All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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Si tratta della versione WEB del software client, disponibile on-line di cui riprende le principali funzionalitą; anche questa viene aggiornata a partire dal software MASTER.
Riassumiamo gli ulteriori vantaggi di un'applicazione WEB:

No installation required
Always available without the need for distribution and/or installation, it allows immediate operation.
Responsive Design
Designed according to the latest Weg standards, so as to adapt to mobile devices.
Family Brand Graphics
Graphics easily adaptable to the style of the company website and/or Marketing needs.
Low operating costs
Web applications can be hosted at qualified centers, able to manage professionally all licensing issues, hw/sw maintenance and daily operations.

Note: Some secondary functionalities may not be available in the WEB version.